"I want this book to float out into the cosmos to reach future and existing forms of intelligence—to let them know there was at least one beautiful/difficult, dark/brilliant side to us earthlings.” — Brenda Shaughnessy, winner of James Laughlin Award

"FOR THE LOVE OF ENDINGS is a tremendous beginning. It marks the arrival of a singular voice.” — Eduardo C. Corral, winner of Yale Younger Poets Prize

"This is a poetry that makes a place for the tangential, the trace, the touch, a tomorrow.” — Maureen N. McLane, National Book Critics Circle 2012 Finalist

"[A] perceptive debut... The collection pings with delightful precision between the objects that connect people and those that divide." — Publishers Weekly

"The unique, unsettling mix of clarity and dread throughout is what will bring readers back and back to this book... Every line is constructed in such a way that it could be the last line, as though the speaker knows we may have little time together." — Kenyon Review

“Ben Purkert’s poems aren’t just concerned with intelligent life—they are intelligent life.”  — AGNI

"Purkert... demonstrates with each poem a new thing we are capable of losing, slowly stripping away what we are comprised of in an attempt to uncover the fundamentally human: that which cannot be taken away." — Flypaper Magazine